Tony Prince on-air across the Olympic capital

Live On-Air: Tuesday 31st July 2012, 3-5pm, GMT

The Godfather of DJs. A pirate DJ, Programme Director of Radio Luxembourg, in its time the world’s largest radio station.  Founder of DMC the world’s greatest DJ organisation. Editor and publisher of MIMXMAG the world’s most successful DJ/CLUB CULTURE magazine, Promoter of the WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS and founder of WEDDING TV.

Tony graces the Olympic capital’s airwaves live from the IRF London Pop-Up Edition taking us on a journey through memory lane back to the future. Tony is a Prince and one of a kind!

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Tony Prince


More about Tony Prince

•    Tony was born into a working class life in Oldham, an only child to Kathleen and Frank a scrap metal merchant.
•    At 15 he became an apprentice jockey with Willie Carson in Middleham, Yorkshire.
•    In 1959 he borrowed Ringo Starr’s cowboy boots to enter a singing contest at Butlins when he met and formed The Jasons.
•    In 1962 he introduced the Beatles on stage the night they first went to No.1.
•    At the age of 19 Tony was thrown out of the Musicians Union for playing records and breaking their ‘Keep Music Live’ rule.
•    In 1964 in Bristol he became a regular compare on ‘DISCS A GOGO’ a television show where one of his guests was Tony Blackburn.
•    Subsequently Tony joined Blackburn, Rosko and Dave Lee Travis on Radio Caroline and had countless adventures including climbing to the top of the Radio Caroline mast in a force 10 storm to help to put the station back on air.
•    He lived with the Emperor Rosko with whom he shared a London hotel as they contributed to making the 60’s into the swinging     60’s.
•    The Royal Ruler, as he became known, spent two years on RADIO CAROLINE NORTH the subject of the Richard Curtis film THE BOAT THAT ROCKED.
•    Tony inspired his colleague Mick Luvzit to marry DJ Ugly Ray Terret’s sister Jan on board ship!
•    Between Caroline and Luxembourg he appeared on Coronation Street and in Pantomime in his hometown with Joseph Locke!
•    In April 1968 Prince joined Radio Luxembourg as part of their first live team with Noel Edmonds, Kid Jensen and Paul Burnett.
•    He participated in Noel’s first Gotcha when Noel killed Tony’s wife to fool Kid Jensen in a hilarious set-up.
•    Tony and Kid were chased around a Luxembourg park by two ‘escaped’ gorillas, another of the many wind-ups which set the stage for life in the Grand Duchy.
•    He became President of the Osmond’s Fan Club and caused the Heathrow Queen’s Building to collapse after giving fans the Osmond’s arrival time!
•    He dived into the freezing midnight Thames to save a man from drowning and received an award for bravery.
•    Although he was called to Broadcasting House by the Controller of Radio 1 and 2, Douglas Muggeridge himself, Tony was snubbed by the BBC throughout his career for a comment he made to a journalist in 1969.
•    Tony eventually spent 16 years with Radio Luxembourg becoming Programme Director and employing Steve Wright, Mike Read, Rob Jones, Benny Brown and Timmy Mallet before they all left the station for their BBC careers.
•    As MC for Paul’s annual Buddy Holly Week, Tony has sung with Paul McCartney more times than anyone outside of the Beatles and Wings.
•    The ‘Royal Ruler’ was the first DJ in the world to interview Elvis in his Las Vegas Hilton Hotel dressing room on two occasions. He also introduced Elvis on stage and appeared in the film ‘That’s the way it is”. A photo of Tony with Elvis remains on the wall of the Trophy Room in Graceland.
•    He left radio to launch a DJ record label, pioneering DJ remixing.
•    Simon Cowell promoted Tony’s record label and the first ever DJ remix hit TINA CHARLES ‘I LOVE TO LOVE’.
•    He also negotiated the first ever fee for a DJ megamix (Wham ‘Club Fantastic’ which George Michael tried to ban).
•    Tony managed leading DJs including Sasha, whilst he had hits with other DJs who became producer/artists including L.A.Mix, Chad Jackson and John Digweed who signed to Prince’s STRESS label.
•    He launched and edited MIXMAG which became the world’s first club culture magazine which he sold to EMAP for £9m.
•    He hired the Royal Albert Hall to launch the World DJ Championship which his company still promotes 28 years later.
•    In 2006, after being inspired by his daughter’s wedding, Tony left the management of DMC to his wife as he concentrated on launching his own television channel WEDDING TV.
•    Within a year the channel won Broadcast magazine’s BEST SEPCIALIST CHANNEL award.
•    In two years he has revolutionised programme making on digital tv making 300 hours of programmes and broadcasting them in the UK, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
* In the 21st Century Tony has returned to DMC bringing his tv experiences to the online dmc world. The ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS – DMCWORLD.COM developments including DJ TV and soon to be launched DMC RADIO and a rebuilt DJPAGES, are all part of the Royal Ruler’s stories of tomorrow.


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