Thank you for a successful IRF 2012

The success of the 3rd IRF can be wholly attributed to the close partnerships the IRF has fostered with all the various stakeholders involved in the Festival. And so we shout out a massive and heart felt thank you to all our radio guests, delegates, commercial partners, public services & institutions, support staff, friends and family: THANK YOU for being part of the most successful IRF to date, and we look forward to bringing the world of music radio the 4th edition of the IRF in equal splendor next year.

All our partners are listed here: PARTNERS

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Oscar & Grammy Nominee Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Nominee.
Read more why the Radio industry has got all so excited about the IRF.

World News about the IRF


IRF Speaker Gabby Sanderson


IRF Speaker Nik von Frankenberg


IRF in India


IRF Wins Swiss EDI Tv Ad

The IRF won an EDI for Tv Ad Clips. more…

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