Red FM 93.5 Mumbai India RJ Malishka

Sat 15 Sep 2012 @ 10:00 – 12:00hrs

Show : Morning No 1 / Indian Sounds

“I’m really thankful to the IRF as there was a huge contest in India with over 180 radio stations applied for opportunity to represent the country and broadcast live from Zurich and we were so excited to be selected. Once we got here we realised there is everybody from every community and the opportunity meet people at a world level from Israel, Ghana, Germany and UK. It has opened up our minds in so many ways so we would like to thanks the IRF for giving us this opportunity”. Malishka Stanley, Red FM, India

Winner of the IRF-Mixcloud competition, together with and India’s leading trade title, RedFM made it to the winning post to attend and participate in this years IRF.

Red FM is part of Sun TV Network, India’s largest, with 32 TV channels and 45 FM stations. The website says: it’s a result of a carefully planned thorougly enjoyable, 24/7, wholesome entertainment-oriented package and there is substantial localisation of content to retain India’s regional flavour.

Presenter Malishka is fearless, inspiring and a very popular female radio presenter. Her show is the most awarded in the countr y and contains color ful Indian beats.


Red FM 93.5 Mumbai India IRF 2012 by International Radio Festival on Mixcloud

Oscar & Grammy Nominee Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Nominee.
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