TBWA On-Street Poster Campaign for iRF

Our friends at TBWA in Zurich are always full of good ideas for the Festival, and one of them certainly was the Street Poster Campaign. Art Director Frederick Rossmann, Andy Hostettler and their team came up with the poignant idea of using the perforated manholes as images for loudspeakers, and complementing them with prints of radios, plastering them right across Zurich. If that wasn’t enough of an idea, they hung small transistor radios inside the manholes and let them play music, further emphasising the slogan also printed on the radio images “Listen to sounds down under” referring to one of the Festival’s radio guests KISS FM from Melbourne. Nice one TBWA!!! More to the article on the IRF Street Poster Campaign by TBWA Zurich here… More about TBWA Zurich here… more…

Oscar & Grammy Nominee Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Nominee.
Read more why the Radio industry has got all so excited about the IRF.

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IRF Wins Swiss EDI Tv Ad

The IRF won an EDI for Tv Ad Clips. more…

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