Best of UK Music Radio

You have landed here because I wanted you to….. and because you are a participant of one of the daily “Best of UK” air-time slots at the IRF London Pop-Up Edition during the Olympics….

So Welcome!

Firstly, some Quick Facts about the “THE BEST OF UK” Format:

  • Daily air time: 3-5pm GMT
  • Please arrive at the IRF radio studio bus least 30mins before your show time
  • Location:
    • House of Switzerland
    • by Glaziers Hall
    • Montague Close
    • London Bridge SE1 9DD

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  • Studio: Fully kitted out radio studio (tech specs below)
  • DAB: Connected to Switchdigital’s Multiplex London 2 – reaching 11mil Londoners
  • Nearest public transport: best is London Bridge, alternative is Monument
  • Parking? Not a chance!

Contact: Darryl on UK Mobile 07531 412 212 (from Mon 16th July onwards)

Remember; you are one of only 23 special UK on-air guests at the International Radio Festival’s London Pop-Up edition taking place at the House Switzerland during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This is your “two hour” opportunity to showcase your “Best of UK Music Radio Show” during the 2012 Olympics, a special event in itself to say the least.

You will be broadcasting your two hour show across London on the first ever pop-up DAB licence awarded by Ofcom and Switchdigital, making this event more special. London by the way also represents the worlds largest DAB market of 11mil potential listeners.

We have converted a typical Swiss postal bus into a fully equipped radio studio; not forgetting to include a typical Swiss Chalet Kitsch Chic interior. We will be making “home” midst an Alpine Panorama (with climbing wall) at the House of Switzerland, located alongside the Thames by London Bridge.

As the air-time title suggests, the IRF London Pop-Up Edition will showcase a daily music radio show celebrating the crème de la crème of UK music radio programming (that’s you!!), broadcasting on DAB across London, via Cablecom all over Switzerland, and online around the world.

So come and “Fly the Flag” in the true GB Olympic spirit and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime radio event, within a once-in-a-lifetime Olympic event.

Its your show!

So let everyone you know, know.



Here some tips what to consider when showcasing your radio show at the Festival’s Pop-Up Edition during the London 2012 Olympics:

  • Your music – let’s hear what best represents you, your station and/or music label. You have two hours to show what you rare all about.
  • Your voice – talk is important; let all those tuned-in listen to how your world sounds….
  • Your spirit – whatever you say, relay it in the spirit of the Olympics; and don’t forget to fly the flag! Its the Best of UK…
  • You as guest – imagine when sitting in our radio studio bus that you are in Switzerland; what images does this conjure up? any anecdotes? memories?; shout out to friends there? Whichever it may be, be part of nation building…
  • You as a cultural bridge – play a part in nation building between the “Empire” and Switzerland
  • Your Community – inform and animate your fans and supporters to “like” us on Facebook, post news on your websites and Twitter. And use the IRF Pop-Up logo for your postings. No problem.
  • Invite – animate your fans and supporters (and mothers) to come and see you performing live in the Festival studio bus.
  • Please bear in mind the time of day the air-time takes place – its in the afternoon at 3-5pm GMT
  • Keep the mood up tempo, positive, and informative about what you do and think
  • Keep it non-political, non-religious and environmentally friendly!
  • Make music radio history by being part of the International Radio Festival broadcasting to the world’s largest DAB market reaching 11mil Londoners
  • If you are a radio, then make sure you broadcast your show simultaenously back home; we have the technology…
  • Most of all enjoy celebrating the power of music radio


Radio Studio Bus is kitted out as follows:


  • Xone 464


  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 MK (compatible with usb devices)


  • Technics SL 1200


  • SHURE: KSM9, BETA 87, and SM 58
  • Shure UHF Wireless-Mic SET UC/SM BETA-PRO  MIC


  • MD-Sony MDS-E11 or E-12


  • Solid-State-/CD-RW-Recorder, Tascam SS-CDR1, CD/Flash
  • Tascam RC-SS20 Direct Play Remote, 20-Buton


And remember, we love to yodel….


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