The International Radio Festival (IRF) represents the world’s first public on-air festival and industry business to business conference of its kind.

The Festival offers the general public and industry professionals with a vested interest in the worlds most consumed and influential medium, an unique platform to celebrate the best in music radio programming.

In 2010, the Festival’s first year, 25 radio stations converged on Zurich to participate in the world’s first ever International Radio Festival. The uniqueness of the Festival was in the making and the Festival’s 2nd edition in 2011 welcomed even more radio stations, who showcased their music programmes “Live On-Air” across the world allowing all those tuned-in the unique opportunity to “Listen to how the world sounds”.

Those who attend the Festival benefit from the rare chance to meet with like-minded music radio-makers/creators and music industry professionals to network, knowledge-share and to trade, swap and exchange music radio formats.

And the Festival’s exclusive B2B Forum is rapidly establishing itself as the think-tank and exchange hub for both the players in music radio as well as all music related industries.  Attendees gain the opportunity to develop closer business and cultural relationships within this specialised industry.


“We were part of the inaugural event in 2010 and were very pleased with how we were received by the international community. The IRF helped us pick up new listeners and users in all territories of the world. We’re excited to be a part of this year’s Fest and will be showcasing another one of our terrific shows on the world stage. Not to mention that Zurich is a beautiful city and the hospitality we were shown was top notch”.
Peter Ferraro, General Manager, East Village Radio, NYC, USA

“The IRF was like meeting the family – lost cousins from all over the world which you were keen on getting to know – and know you are not the only one passionate about music radio.” 
Matthias Bauer, BLN.FM, Berlin, Germany

Oscar & Grammy Nominee Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Nominee.
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